Why Work with a Building Inspector?

If you are buying a new home, be sure to find a qualified building inspector before signing any contracts. Interview several inspectors before making a final decision. Look for an inspector who has experience in the building that you want to have built. You may also want to request free estimates from several inspectors to help you compare their services. Choose three or four top inspectors, ask them questions, and get references from each.

Ask Friends, Family and Relatives. Start asking friends, family, and even professional trade groups about a reliable building inspector in your local area. Find out what kinds of services the building inspector offers and whether the inspection was commercial or residential. Ask whether they would recommend the inspector to a possible buyer and what experience the potential buyer should have with the building inspector. You should be looking for someone easy to work with, who will listen carefully to your concerns, who seems to respect your opinion and wants to make sure that the building is in good repair.

Ask Reliable Source. Talk to your local realtor about building inspectors in your community. There are often reliable sellers who can give you the names and contact information of sellers who have worked with this inspector. Realtors often have an eye for quality services and have important input on who to use for the inspection. For instance, if you live in the Palm Desert area and are looking at a condo unit, a realtor may have had the experience necessary to provide feedback about this property.

Consider Working with A-Team. When choosing building inspectors, investigate contracting with a team rather than choosing one on your own. A team will have the experience needed to identify problems more thoroughly and have the necessary equipment and machinery (including security cameras) to complete the inspection. By using a team, you can be confident that the building inspector has the best resources.

Ask About Professional Options. When choosing a building inspector, you may be interested in obtaining a professional consultation. While doing all the inspections yourself is possible, many professionals feel that this approach is less time-consuming and generally less accurate. Therefore, a professional order can help ensure that all inspections are completed in the most accurate manner possible. The consultant may also have recommendations for other things that you should consider when choosing a building inspector, including special training, certifications, and additionally available tools.

Consider Special Inspections. A professional order may include a specialised inspection of a specific part or area of your home. Some examples of special inspections include lead-based paint testing, high-pressure plumbing, and a review of asbestos use in your building. By getting a professional order for an inspection of a specific area, you can be sure that the building inspector is knowledgeable about the area in question and can determine if a specific concern or issue is of concern to you.

Ask Specific Questions. When choosing building inspectors for your home, you must get to know the person inspecting your property personally. They must have your best interest in mind because building inspectors are often first hired. After all, they have had many previous inspections. Therefore, you must ask questions about their experience and background and the type of inspections they handle. For instance, building inspectors specializing in commercial inspections tend to have more extensive experience, so it is likely that they will perform better commercial inspections on various types of properties.

Choose Based on Experience. Building inspections are usually performed by professionals who have many years of experience in the field. Therefore, it is likely that you will be receiving better service from one building inspector than you would from another. However, it is also important to note that each professional inspection requires a different level of attention to detail and professionalism.