Different Types of Bale Wrapper

A bale wrapper is a farm implement used to cover bales in plastic. These bales are destined for silage. There are several different types of bale wrappers available for sale. Read on to learn about each one. The benefits and advantages of each type of bale wrapper are outlined in this article. Using these products can increase the yield and quality of hay. Aside from its cost savings, a bale wrapper is a very effective silage wrapping tool.

bale wrapSilage wrap

To store your silage wrap on bales properly, it’s essential to follow several tips: make sure the ground beneath the bales is completely cleared of vegetation, including stubble, as it will cause holes in the plastic. Additionally, use a net wrap to contain stems and prevent them from poking holes in the plastic film. Finally, it’s essential to use the right transport equipment. Silage wrap on bales is made of plastic and should be handled with special equipment.

In making a quality baleage, it is vital to choose a plastic with UV protection. Plastics should be thicker and more UV resistant than a woven net to prevent sun damage and reduce the risk of mould forming. In addition, using high-quality wrap can increase your profit significantly. Here’s how to choose a wrap that will best suit your needs. And remember, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the plastic, it’s worth investing in another type of bale wrap.

PowerStretch(r) stretch film

One of the most popular brands of stretch film for bale wrap is PowerStretch(r) from Dow Plastics. This unique polyethylene film provides special stretching, durability, and resistance. The product is available in a variety of colours and is available in multiple sizes and sizings. PowerStretch(r) is also compatible with many different bale wrappers and is packaged on a wooden pallet for easy transportation.

Applying PowerStretch(r) stretch film for your bale wrap begins with pulling the film from a supply roll and breaking it. As the film is drawn toward the bale, it stretches. The degree of stretch depends on the surface velocity of the bale, the speed at which it leaves the film roll, and the amount of braking force applied at the dispenser. For optimum film usage, the film should match the speed of the bale.

Eco Plus(r) agri-stretch film

The new generation of agri-stretch film offers unparalleled performance for bale wrapping. The five-layer Eco Plus(r) film is 100% LLDPE, making it the perfect solution for high-performance wrapping of silage bales. Designed for ease of use on all baling machines, Eco Plus(r) rolls are ideal for both new and experienced producers.

Its high adhesion and stickiness enable it to stretch 50% – 70%. RaniWrap is another film with excellent wrapping properties. This film was developed for farmers and contractors in the 1980s and manufactured in a controlled environment. Despite its low thickness, it provides excellent tear resistance and a high oxygen barrier. It is also compatible with all types of bale wrappers and bales.


The advantages of SunFilm bale wrap are apparent: it prevents spoilage and reduces the amount of work required to bale hay. In addition, its unique design allows for maximum pre-stretch, up to 75%, without any loss in strength or UV durability. Combined with its long shelf life, Sunfilm bale wrap is the preferred hay wrap plastic in the world. The film is made by AEP, one of the leading polyethylene producers in the US, and is widely used for its unique characteristics and performance.

It offers the added benefit of incredible damage resistance, which cuts down on storage costs and feed quality loss. The film is specially treated to withstand UV degradation for up to a year. In addition, it wraps bales in a tight, airtight manner, which helps protect the crop from insects. To achieve optimal protection, wrap hay bales with SunFilm stretch film, preferably at a stretch of five to 60 per cent. For best results, use four layers of the film and apply them to the bale.

Cross Wrap

Consider the advantages of using the innovative Cross Wrap bale wrapping machines for waste handling solutions. The company offers bale wrapping and opening services, PET recycling technology, board packaging, and dewiring machines. The company also has new funding that translates into more premium prospecting features for its customers. As a result, it will ultimately lead to better product quality and lower costs. And don’t forget about its environmental footprint, as the company focuses on minimising its environmental impact.