The Dentists You Should Visit

If you consider visiting a dentist West Lakes, Iowa, you might wonder if Dr Hendrix and Dr Caballero are the right dentists. Read on to learn more about their practice and meet the staff. The dental team at West Lakes comprises four experienced and compassionate doctors. They are ready to give you a smile that looks and feels good! To learn more about Dr Hendrix and Dr Caballero, read on.

dentist West LakesDr Hendrix

Suzanne Hendrix, DDS, practices dentistry in Mound, MN and accepts various dental insurance plans. Her office is located at 5205 SHORELINE DR in Mound. So whether you are looking for a dentist in the West Lakes area or would like to learn more about telehealth services, you’ve come to the right place. Dr Hendrix is committed to providing top-notch dental care for every family member, including children.

Finding the right dentist is vital to maintaining good oral health, so it’s important to find one who understands your unique needs and has a friendly, relaxing environment. While most dentists can treat patients of all ages, you should choose a dentist who works with your lifestyle. In addition, your West Lakes dentist should be welcoming and easy to navigate, making routine dental visits easier. Check online reviews and Yelp to find a dentist that meets your needs.

Dr Caballero

Originally from Argentina, Dr Caballero moved to Texas in the 80s and is now a resident of Austin, Texas. She has three children and is actively involved in numerous community and charity organizations. She enjoys staying active and cheering on the Texas Longhorns. She also enjoys volunteering in her community, so she’s very active and stays healthy. Here are some reasons you should visit Dr Caballero if you’re looking for a dentist West Lakes.

Dr Caballero’s team

Dr Caballero’s office doctors are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience and training. Dr Caballero received her BS in biological sciences from the University of Southern California. After graduation, she continued her studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, completing a residency program. After completing this training, she became a practising dentist, eventually opening several offices. Her practice now includes both a pediatrics and family dentistry clinic.

The dentist’s staff is a multi-talented, multi-lingual team. They are fluent in Spanish, French, Armenian, and English. Dr Caballero is a dedicated member of the American Dental Association and a peer reviewer at Liberty Dental. He is board-certified in dental practice and has many years of experience in dentistry. While he enjoys spending time with his family and working with patients, he also maintains an affiliation with Veterans Affairs.

Dr Caballero’s specialties

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Gustavus Adolphus College, Dr Caballero attended NYU College of Dentistry. While there, she developed a passion for serving patients of all ages. After graduating, she moved to Mound, MN. Since then, she has practised in a group dental practice in Monticello. She believes in creating a positive patient experience for every patient.

When it comes to dental care, visiting a dentist West Lakes can make you feel better. They provide expert care, but they also have convenient locations. They are also kind and compassionate, so you’ll never have to wait long to receive a checkup. And you can visit any of them without having to leave your home! Here are some reasons you should make an appointment with a dentist in West Lakes today.

Family dentists are ideal because they care for people of all ages. Their compassion and understanding of the needs of a family will help them build stronger relationships with their patients and provide quality dental care. They will also be trustworthy and ethical, which means they won’t push treatments on you that aren’t necessary. Family dentists will also take care of routine appointments and emergency treatments. So whether you need a checkup or a root canal, you should visit a dentist West Lakes with family members.