Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets As Your Child’s Bedmate

CalmingBlanket weighted blankets have their roots from a medical technique known as deep pressure transference, which uses firm, consistent pressure to cause a sensation of comfort in an injured area. Using a weighted blanket can have both direct and subjective benefits for sleeping. Provide security and convenience. Studies show that nursing mothers who used blankets while nursing found it very helpful to calm their infants during nighttime. Moreover, babies who frequently slept with their mothers found it extremely relaxing to sleep wrapped in blankets and felt highly secure.


After conducting several experiments using children ranging from five to seven years old, these researchers found out that children who spent at least 20 minutes a day playing outdoors experienced fewer sleeping disorders than those who remained inside all day.


Furthermore, parents who purchased a weighted blanket for their kids showed less harmful behaviour in tantrums and bedwetting. Their children showed significant improvement with regard to behavioural problems related to anxiety, mood swings, depression, bedwetting, coughing, and chronic sleep issues. They were also able to stay asleep and had better concentration levels after they started using these blankets. On the other hand, sleep specialists noted that there is no medical evidence that such blankets can alleviate or even reverse the chronic symptoms of asthma, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, restless leg syndrome, chronic pain, and attention deficit disorder in children.


The studies concluded that the calming effect of CalmingBlanket weighted blankets work through physical relaxation of muscles, increased circulation and oxygen intake, regulation of blood pressure, and stimulation of the central nervous system. However, the exact mechanism by which these blankets influence sleeping patterns has not yet been fully explained. Some experts believed that it could work through regulating muscle tone. Others thought that it could work by affecting brain activity.


However, other experts maintained that the calming effect of a weighted blanket could be due to plastic pellets underneath the blanket. These plastic pellets activate serotonin, a substance that helps in relaxation. More significant amounts of serotonin in the body may improve sleep quality and reduce feelings of agitation and anxiety. The plastic pellets melt during the night and release into the air, making one feel that the blanket is cooling off and relaxing.


There are several benefits of using CalmingBlanket weighted blankets as your child’s bed companion. Although it cannot help you fall asleep or promote the healing of asthma, it could improve sleep quality for a limited period of time. It can also help a child fall asleep without moving around too much, allowing them to settle down and go to sleep naturally. In some cases, experts found that these blankets could lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing diabetes later on in life. So, although it cannot cure or prevent a certain disease, it can most certainly help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, thus improving overall health and well-being.